We chose ‘Bizplan’ as the theme of our WordPress website primarily for its clean appearance, limited color and white space. Since our technology’s (project topic) context is healthcare, we believe this theme exudes both the values of that industry such as trust and that of a futuristic vision such as innovation. The colors blue, white, grey (along with shades of green) are representative of the actual technology (the RP-VITA robot) as well as the hospital environment. We went with a sans-serif fo called Avenir to communicate the values of trust and promote ease of understanding in a larger effort to break the misleading appearance of the robotic technology as intrusive or threatening. The RP-VITA is fundamentally a communications robot. It cannot think on its own in terms of clinical decisions even though it has some narrow artificial intelligence capabilities for navigation. We wanted to achieve this point of clarification through the design choices of our project.


Although the theme pretty much offered close to exactly what our project needed, we modestly customized it using CSS code mainly to enlarge the body of the text and utilize more of the space provided by the theme. The color of the body text was also modified to black from grey, to make the information stand out more vividly as the topic of our technology is a relatively recent innovation. Also, the margins of the web page were modified to minimize the focal point of vision and concentrate it on the body of the web content.


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The device that we are here to present is essentially an medical equipment—which is why the sense that we are trying to convey is calm, trustworthy, and maybe a bit authoritative. We decided on using a clean layout with minimalist style without too much decor. As for the color scheme, we initially tried a bright background with dark texts, but we thought a dark background with bright texts can be equally effective and also make our design stand out from the crowd. All shades of blues bring a sense of professionalism and seriousness to the technology we are presenting.

We divided the poster into sections by applying geometric shapes—predominantly hexagons and triangles—which saves a lot of space while makes all parts of the poster equally loaded. The lines and arrows are also perfectly aligned with the edges, neutralizing aesthetic disruptions as much as possible. The only two fonts we chose are copperplate (for titles) and Helvetica Neue (for body texts), to maintain the style of simplicity and reliability; there are, however, some variations in terms of the weights to indicate how important the specific portion of texts would be.